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Royal Peshtemal

Royal Pestemal Towel

Size: 37 x 69 inches (90 x 175 cm)

Weight: 7.4 oz. (0.21 kg)

Material: 100% Cotton

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Product specifications:
– 100% Cotton
– Made in Turkey
– Loose fringe
– 85×170(cm) – 33”x67inches size.
– 350grams weight.
– Woven on jacquard
– Warm wash, line dry recommended

Introducing our modern jacquard woven cotton towel. Our  throws are made with jacquard looms using only fine 100% cotton yarns for long term use and excellent quality.
Hello summer’s modern pineapple pattern will make us a different look as well as modern approach to a home textile. It will be a everyday throw that your customers will use.

Colors: Clay, Blue, Black

Designed and made in Turkey in our mill,  this throw has a generous size a long with luxury heavy texture.

– Beach Blanket
– Coach Throw
– Bed spread
– Towel
– Home Blanket



Short description about us; Ofer International is a Turkish Fouta Bath Beach Towel Supplier. Also Peshtemal Pestemal Hamam manufacturer, a Factory as well as a wholesaler. We are proudly member of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Uludag Exporters’ Association.

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