Where to buy wholesale Turkish towels?

This is the number one question about where to buy Wholesale Turkish Towels (Pestemal Hammam Towels, peshtemal beach towels) for your retail store or your online shop.

There are couple of online wholesalers selling Peshtemal Turkish towels, however the trick is who can be your best partner and can be serve you better in terms long term support, new product development, quality.

We, Ofer International carry one of the largest Peshtemal Towel collections and constantly (literally each week!) developing new peshtemal towels for you, for your market and for your success. If you would like to see what we are developing keep checking our New Products! page which is located in the side bar menu or you can follow this link: New Products, New Turkish Towels

To give you an idea of product development, we are the first Round Beach towel maker in Turkey and We are the orginal Creator or factory of Round Pestemal Beach towels they are nowadays know as Round Turkish Towels, Round Peshtemal Towels or Roundie Pestemal towels.

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round turkish towel, wholesale turkish towels,

wholesale turkish towels, round turkish towel

round turkish towel, wholesale turkish towels

round turkish towel, wholesale turkish towels,

We are always here to help you to grow your sales, brand and business. Send us an email or give us a call. Also make sure to follow us at Instagram to stay in the loop! https://instagram.com/oferinternational/ 

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